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Our history

cohealth was born in 2014 with the merging of Doutta Galla Community Health, North Yarra Community Health and Western Region Health Centre. Each centre had a long and distinguished record of taking care of people in their local communities.

The dynamic and diverse histories of each of the three original centres reflects the rise and evolution of community health in Australia. Their origins were in inner city localities which were home to working class, heavily industrialised communities with successive waves of immigrants and frequently high levels of disadvantage.

cohealth has continued to build on this people-focused history by expanding its services to all members of the community, reflecting the vision in the 2019-2023 strategy for ‘healthy communities, healthy people’. In 2012 cohealth commenced its first social enterprise with the introduction of a  fee-for-service private clinic, with two more clinics currently being planned. Social enterprise clinics provide cohealth additional revenue that assists with the pursuit of health and social equity for all.

For cohealth, ‘care’ is about providing high quality healthcare to people who are unwell, as well as caring for the social conditions that people need for good and healthy lives. We continue to advocate and campaign in partnership with people who have lived experience of the issues. We work at individual, community and societal levels. Our efforts are proportionate to need.


You can find more information about the original three community health centres at the links below:

North Yarra Community Health (1889 – 2014) 

Western Region Health Centre (1964 – 2014)

Doutta Galla Community Health Centre (1974 – 2014)  

Western Region Health Centre

 Western Region Health Centre (WRHC), formerly the ‘Trade Union Clinic and Research Centre’, was established…

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