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coronavirus (COVID-19)

Find out where to get tested for COVID-19 at cohealth.

For general information about COVID-19 call the Victorian Government’s dedicated hotline on 1800 675 398. You can ask for an interpreter in your language.

Some appointments and health services will stop or change to reduce the risk of transmission. For more information, go to cancellations and appointments.


Black Lives Matter statement

7th September 2020

cohealth fully supports the Black Lives Matter movement and stands in solidarity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and communities of colour in the resistance and fight to end racism.

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cohealth Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan 2020-2023

27th August 2020

cohealth’s Stretch RAP 2020-2023 outlines cohealth’s deep commitment to Australia’s First Peoples. cohealth is dedicated to a whole-of-organisation approach informed by extensive consumer and staff consultation. This RAP furthers actions to help us improve access to services, strengthen relationships, create opportunities, and engage more actively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

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Divisive conversations on race and COVID-19 damage public health efforts

3rd July 2020

The recent media storm blaming culturally-diverse communities for COVID clusters must be called out for what it is – racism. Laying blame at the feet of people who are already highly-marginalised is especially damaging at a time when we need to be engaging all people to comply with testing and lockdown measures…

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Disability Inclusion Plan 2017 – 2020

29th April 2020

cohealth’s disability inclusion plan is a three-year systemic approach to investigating and removing barriers that prevent people with disabilities from using cohealth services or being part of its community. It recognises the people with diverse disabilities who are part of our organisation, and takes active steps to remove barriers to ensure all can take part in our programs, services and employment.

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7th April 2020

cohealth CE, Nicole Bartholomeusz wrote to Prime Minister Morrison requesting the Australian Government give all people and families seeking asylum inclusive access to:

– Medicare and Telehealth services
– Centrelink income support payments with standard eligibility criteria
– Social services including for family violence
– Any COVID-19 crisis support services, funds from stimulus package, and wage subsidies for workers

Read a copy of the letter.

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Religious Discrimination Bill Victorian Health Sector Joint Statement

26th February 2020

cohealth, in alliance with 14 community health organisations and hospitals, have released a joint statement outlining our concerns about the second draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill. We are deeply concerned about the Bill’s provisions which will have negative impacts on the health and wellbeing of people who may be the subject of unfavourable religious views.

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cohealth Quality Report 2019

20th November 2019

In line with our Strategic Plan, cohealth is committed to providing high-quality services for our communities. In August 2018, we engaged the services of independent auditors, Quality Innovation and Performance Ltd (QIP), to assess cohealth services against the following quality standards…

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cohealth report 2019

19th November 2019

The 2019 cohealth Report gives insight into how cohealth is transforming the way it works to deliver innovative care meeting the specific needs of different communities as we continue to advocate for health equity and fairness. It also addresses the annual quality reporting requirements of the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Improving outcomes with South Sudanese Australians

28th November 2018

This co-design project looked to increase understanding between The South Sudanese Australian Community, providers and government, and collectively propose initiatives that would support people to thrive.

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cohealth report 2018

23rd November 2018

The 2018 cohealth Report gives insight to the way cohealth works and how this work contributes to improve health and wellbeing for all. It also addresses the annual quality reporting requirements of the Department of Health and Human Services.

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cohealth quality account 2018

7th November 2018

cohealth delivers services in Melbourne’s north and west from 34 sites across 9 local government areas that include some of the most disadvantaged and fastest-growing…

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cohealth strategic plan 2019 – 2023

27th September 2018

Our second Strategic Plan is a transformative one. cohealth will develop new service models and approaches, shape new ways of working, and deliver real impact for the communities we serve. This plan based on an extensive consultation with communities, staff and the wider health sector.

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Review of Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC) legislation

28th February 2018

cohealth’s submission emphasises the critical role advocacy plays in the work of charities and in a mature democracy.

We argue that no changes should be made to the ACNC objects or frameworks that would restrict the right of charities to advocate in line with their organisational mission.