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When developing programs, policies or projects that involve culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities or community groups, it is best practice to work in collaboration with all parties involved.

 Bi-cultural worker

‘A bi-cultural worker is employed to use their cultural knowledge, language skills, lived experience and community connections to work with people who they share a lived experience with and mainstream organisations. Bi-cultural workers elevate community voices, advocate for their needs, co-design and deliver programs, share information and facilitate cultural safety’

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cohealth hosts a network of highly skilled, multi-lingual bi-cultural workers who have graduated from our bi-cultural internship program. They have extensive community networks, an in-depth understanding of different cultural perspectives and are trained to:

  • Facilitate project development and planning to ensure accessibility and relevance for community groups
  • Assist organisations to identify community strengths – their interest, needs, or challenges
  • Review materials, resources or service delivery to assess accessibility, relevance and cultural safety
  • Develop shared language around key messages
  • Recruit for programs, workshops, employment and join interview panels
  • Share information with community groups in relevant language and culturally appropriate ways
  • Educate community members about services and facilitate access

Our bi-cultural workers

Download a PDF list (66kb) of cohealth bi-cultural workers.

Do you need a bi-cultural worker for your project?

If you are interested in contracting a bi-cultural worker for a project you are working on, or if you would like to learn more about the project, please contact

These documents will assist you in planning for your project or activity and provide cohealth with all the relevant information needed to link you with the right bi-cultural worker.

Bi-cultural worker position description
Bi-cultural worker payment policy
Bi-cultural worker engagement form

Once complete, please return the bi-cultural worker engagement form to

Professional standards for bi-cultural work

To build on bi-cultural workers’ expertise and develop organisational capacity to employ bi-cultural workers in a culturally safe way, cohealth has developed a set of professional standards in collaboration with bi-cultural workers and other staff from across the community sector.

The professional standards for bi-cultural work can be accessed via these links:

Bi-cultural Skills and Expertise
Considerations for Employers
Code of Ethics
Inclusive Recruitment Guide

Free professional development for your organisation

cohealth delivers ‘Professional Standards for Bi-cultural Work’ training (currently free and online).

In this training you will learn about cohealth’s professional standards for bi-cultural work and approaches to implement them in ways relevant to your work.

You will learn new strategies to collaborate effectively with bi-cultural workers, to deliver culturally safe community led projects and effective community engagement.

This training is for people who work with or employ bi-cultural workers and for bi-cultural workers interested in developing new strategies to improve cultural safety, effective community engagement and community led practice.

Topics covered in the training include:

  • Roles and responsibilities of bi-cultural workers
  • The benefits and challenges of bi-cultural Work
  • Inclusive recruitment strategies
  • Cultural safety
  • Ethical considerations

The training is delivered across 2x three-hour sessions.

To register your interest in the training, please email  

cohealth is establishing a Network for bicultural Workers from refugee-like backgrounds living in Victoria! 

By registering, you will be invited to join an email list advertising employment, training opportunities, networking events, and peer support. 
Register your interest.

Do you want to become a bi-cultural worker?

cohealth runs a bi-cultural internship program for people from refugee like backgrounds. This program develops participant’s skills as bi-cultural workers and advocates for their communities.

Need more information?

For more information about the bi-cultural worker hub, please email or call
(03) 9448 6094.

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