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Chief Executive Blog

farewell and thank you from Lyn

17th June 2019

After five years as Chief Executive at cohealth, I have made the exceptionally difficult decision to move on. As I write this note – my last as Chief Executive – I reflect on all that we have worked towards and achieved over the years with our communities, coworkers and partners. I am so immensely proud of cohealth – who we are and what we do. I will forever value the shared work and time spent in our communities.

I have always believed that organisations are so much bigger than those who lead them and so the time has come for me take on new challenges. I commence my new role as Chief Executive at Oxfam Australia in early August.

Community health and cohealth, in particular, is such a very special thing and I have loved every moment of my time in this role. It has been an absolute privilege to represent and advocate for the individuals, families and groups that are our communities, ensuring that a strong voice for health inequity is central to cohealth’s mission.

A great part of the joy in my role has been working with my colleagues and collaborators on social and policy issues of importance to our communities. In this, I would include highlights such as the development of our magnificent facility in Paisley Street, the ongoing work of the Better Health Plan for the West, the terrific work of our Primary Care Partnerships, the work of our very own Collaborative, ably hosted by our friends at the North West PHN and the partnerships with Royal Melbourne Hospital in our shared partnership at Central City. The partnership with the Zoe Belle Gender Centre and the excellent work of arts generator.

I will miss my many coworkers and our leadership group terribly but am comforted by the fact that they will go on to maintain, grow and develop the innovative models of care, support and mobilisation that drive improved health outcomes for our communities.

I will be handing over the reins to our outstanding senior leadership team. cohealth’s longstanding Deputy Chief Executive, Nicole Bartholomeusz, will act as Chief Executive while the Board recruits a new Chief Executive, who understands the culture, new direction and environment ensuring cohealth is sustainable, delivers impact for the communities we serve and is a strong advocate for health equity and fairness.

Rest assured, cohealth will remain committed to improve health and wellbeing for all, and tackle inequality in partnership with people and the communities they live in, of this I am utterly confident.


Kind regards,

Lyn Morgain


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