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Our Shared Humanity

People come from all over the world seeking protection and refuge on Australian shores. Many don’t make it to safety and, for those who do, the journey is often harrowing.

Through shared hardship come art works and stories of resilience, love, strength and beauty.

Our Shared Humanity is a collection of 20 creative works by refugees and people seeking asylum.

Commissioned by cohealth, the works demonstrate the strength and capacity of refugee and asylum seeker communities.

cohealth is looking to partner with organisations to host this touring exhibition. The exhibition can be arranged flexibly so it can be held in workplaces, schools and community centres.

cohealth has also worked with organisations partnering with us to hold events alongside the exhibition and can assist to identify performers and people who can talk about their experience as a person seeking asylum or refuge.

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Featured artwork

Maryam Sepasi (Iran)
Azizeh Astaneh (Iran)
Nasir (Middle East)

Artwork featured at the top of the page: Moon of Manus by Mahmoud Salameh (Syria, Palestinian)

Background branding image of roads representing community