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prevention of violence against women

The short and long term impact on the health of women experiencing domestic violence can be traumatic, and the wider social, health and economic costs of violence against women are enormous. The recent Royal Commission into Family Violence has identified family violence as a health issue – not simply a justice issue.

cohealth will work to prevent violence against women by influencing policy and designing joint actions through a number of ways:

  • cohealth will launch a Gender Equity and Family Violence Strategy to create a workplace where people of all gender identities can thrive and staff can identify and respond to incidences of family violence
  • our submission and presentation to the Royal Commission into Family Violence has helped shape recommendations for a more tailored and targeted person centred approach and identifying family violence as a health issue
  • cohealth will work with partner agencies to support a regional approach to preventing violence against women. These agencies include Women’s Health West and Women’s Health in the North

Anyone interested in finding additional information about the prevention of violence against women, can visit the following sites:

Safe steps
Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria
Our Watch
Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS)

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