Wellness Dreaming

A training program and resources have been developed and guided by the Wellness Dreaming Advisory Group consisting of predominantly Aboriginal people. The program encourages community volunteers and workers from organisations invested in the holistic wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to use strength-based approaches when working clients and community.  After completing two days of training Wellness Dreaming Messengers are equipped with skills and resources to facilitate Dreaming Circles, strength based conversations in culturally safe and supported community settings, that lead to community led action to improve wellbeing. t.

Wellness Dreaming takes its name from a painting with permission from the artist Ngardarb ‘Francine’ Riches

Wellness Dreaming resources are available for:

Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal staff from community controlled and mainstream organisations who work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community primarily in Melbourne’s north-west, are welcome to express interest in strength-based training to be a Wellness Dreaming Messenger.

What are the costs of Wellness Dreaming Messenger training?

Organisational staff – determined upon application
Community volunteers attached to a group – nominal fee

What do I need to do?

For more information about the Wellness Dreaming project or to express interest in training opportunities contact the Wellness Dreaming Team on (03) 9448 6193 from Monday to Thursday or email wellness.dreaming@cohealth.org.au.

Wellness Dreaming to close the health gap

Wellness Dreaming Project: Program Evaluation Report 2016

A report outlining the findings from interviews conducted with twenty-eight Wellness Dreaming messengers, eight Advisory Group members and a Project Lead.

Download report PDF 3mb

Focusing on what is STRONG, not what is wrong

Focusing on what is STRONG, not what is wrong – provides an overview of the project’s journey which began with the foundation stones including Koolin Balit initiative 2015 – 2016 which enabled the Wellness Dreaming Messenger training and the stepping stones to Wellness Dreaming reaching across the river, taking strength based approaches into community settings.

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Dream out loud

Dream Out Loud – illustrates what happens in a facilitated Dreaming Circle using a strong central Balit (Boonwurrung word meaning ‘people’) taking part in activities such as Rapid Dreaming and Stepping Stones. The shadow image in the background acknowledges the some of the impacts of colonisation often used to overlook the strengths of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

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Background branding image of roads representing community