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Care coordination

Support for people with chronic arthritis, diabetes or lung disease

Support for people with chronic arthritis, diabetes, heart or lung disease

cohealth Care Coordination works to improve your general health and wellbeing when you have a chronic condition.

Our approach puts you at the centre where we work out what’s most important to you and provide:

  • one on one sessions to support your general health and wellbeing goals
  • coordinated sessions where you can see more than one service provider
  • meetings between service providers you can choose to attend, to discuss your health

Our team act as a main contact point for coordinating appointments across various services to save you time and help improve your health.

What do I need to do?

Anyone with a chronic condition like arthritis, diabetes, heart disease or lung disease can contact us directly or through any of your current service providers.

What will it cost me?

A fee may be payable for this service. Go to our fees page for more information.

If you attend our Allied Health Clinic where you see more than one service, you only pay for one service, no matter how many services you see on that day.

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