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Advance care planning

It’s always good to think about your future healthcare needs and to discuss these with those closest to you.

If a time comes when you are unable to make or communicate your own decisions – who will make medical decisions for you?

A cohealth Advance Care Plan (ACP) is designed to document your future health wishes when you can’t.

Advance Care Planning – your future healthcare your way
We start by listening. Talk to your cohealth Doctor about an Advance Care Plan at your next visit. We want to know about your current health issues, your values and beliefs and potential future health situations.

An ACP aims to develop a documented plan for your future healthcare by identifying:

  • Who will represent you when you are unable to make medical decisions
  • Your consent to sharing information appropriately
  • Your values, beliefs and healthcare preferences
  • What an acceptable quality of life is to you
  • Any medical interventions that you may prefer
  • Specific treatments you want to pursue
  • Any limitations of treatment
  • When your plan will be reviewed

All this information is documented as your ACP and used to inform and decide your future healthcare when you cannot make or communicate this yourself.

Talk to any cohealth staff member for more information today!

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