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Goal directed care plan

Here at cohealth we believe that by helping you to reach your goals we can help to improve your health and wellbeing.

A cohealth Care Plan keeps you at the centre of your care. It uses your own strengths and experiences as the expert in your life to help make decisions about your care. It sets out how we work together on your goals. To do this we start by listening to your values, needs and priorities.

We may also talk to you about:

• what is important to you
• goals that are meaningful to you, your family and/or your carer
• any service/s, referrals and connections you need
• any skills, actions or tools which can help you
• timelines for your care
• who you want to be involved in your care and how you want your plan shared

This information is written down and given to you to help guide and monitor your care.

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