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HARP diabetes program

Helping people experiencing difficulty managing chronic diabetes to learn to manage the condition to prevent serious complications

Get the help you need to manage your diabetes properly

The Hospital Admission Risk Program’s (HARP) Diabetes program offers short term specialist health care for people experiencing difficulty managing diabetes with diabetes specific:

  • specialist clinical care
  • care planning
  • medication and insulin monitoring and adjustment
  • access to community base Diabetes Nurse educators
  • access to Endocrinology specialist if required
  • healthy eating and exercise advice
  • links to appropriate community supports for your long term diabetes care
  • support for managing your diabetes on your own

The HARP Diabetes service is provided in partnership between cohealth and Western Health.

What do I need to do?
Anyone experiencing difficulty managing diabetes can contact service access for an appointment with a Diabetes Educator and Dietitian. Eligibility for the HARP program will be determined at your first appointment.

A medical referral from a General Practitioner or specialist is required to access the Diabetes specialist clinic.

What will it cost me?
There is no cost for eligible clients.

Diabetes services

 Diabetes education service for people living with diabetes or at high risk of developing diabetes

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