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non-residential withdrawal nurse

Help for anyone who has decided to withdraw from or limit use of drugs or alcohol in their own home

Concerned about your alcohol and drug use?

Trying to withdraw from alcohol and drug use on your own can be very hard.

cohealth’s non-residential withdrawal nurse program provides help for anyone wanting to stop or limit their alcohol or drug intake.

The program works to help people who have decided with their doctor to withdraw in their own home usually with someone there to provide support.

Our registered nurses are trained in educating clients on the effects of alcohol and drug use, harm reduction and the withdrawal process and can provide pathways to residential detox, rehabilitation and counselling services where non-residential withdrawal is not suited to the person or they require more treatment.

We visit every day during detox and take blood pressure, breathing rate and heart rate and assess the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

What do I need to do?
Contact Central Intake (Regen/Odyssey) on 1800 700 514 to complete an intake screener and then request a cohealth location.

There is generally a 1 – 2 week wait to get an appointment.

Our outreach service
Our nurses can travel to a variety of locations to provide services to people who might not be able to get to a service. Contact us to find out how we can get to you.

What will it cost me?
There is no cost for this service.

Where can I find it?
You can access this service through the cohealth centre in Collingwood or Footscray.

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