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Family violence counselling

Specialist counselling for women with present or past experiences of family violence

Specialist family violence counselling for women

Family violence comes in many forms. From domestic violence or sexual abuse within abusive relationships, marriage breakdowns, controlling relationships to child sexual abuse, violence from adolescents or violence towards parents, elder abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse to social abuse.

cohealth counsellors provide family violence counselling for women with present or past experiences of abuse in all these forms.

We work together with women to reduce the impact of the ongoing effects of violence and support them to move forward in their lives by providing:

  • short to medium term individual counselling and group work
  • safe environment to discuss experiences of abuse
  • risk assessment, safety planning and referral to crisis family violence services as needed
  • identify and address the ongoing effects of violence on the woman and her children
  • support to identify and work towards the woman’s own life goals

What do I need to do?

Women in the Western Metropolitan region of Melbourne can contact our counselling intake number provided below to make an appointment.  Please be sure to let us know if it is safe to leave a message or send a text.

Services can also contact the counselling intake number or email us via the details provided below.

What will it cost me?

There is no cost for this service.

are you looking to request an appointment?

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