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Homeless mental health service

Specialised support for homeless people with a severe and long term mental illness

Homeless people experiencing severe mental illness – there is a way to better health, secure housing and a greater chance of improving your social and financial situation.

cohealth’s Homeless Mental Health Service offers specialised support to people who are homeless with a severe and long term mental illness.

Our expert team understand the special needs of mental health and homelessness and help our clients:

  • Receive thorough and ongoing management of their mental illness and homelessness
  • Access services to treat mental illness and help with housing, women’s issues and overall health care
  • Learn to manage their own health

Outreach service
cohealth Mental Health Service delivers coordinated healthcare to those in the community who might not find us.

What do I need to do?
Anyone who is experiencing homelessness with a severe and long term mental illness in Melbourne, or knows someone who is, can contact our Homeless Mental Health Service via the details on this page.

What will it cost me?
There is no cost for this service

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