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Elevate: Peer Support for the LGBTQIA+ Community

cohealth’s Elevate program helps improve the health and wellbeing of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, gender diverse, non-binary, intersex and asexual (LGBTQIA+) living in north western and metro Melbourne through a range of flexible short-term support options.

The program is delivered by LGBTQIA+ Wellbeing Peer Workers, who use their lived experience to support you to improve your health and wellbeing through:

  • Navigating the healthcare and broader service system to find culturally safe and inclusive healthcare and support
  • Enhancing support networks and social connectedness
  • Wellbeing coaching – to help you work out what you want to work towards and how you want to achieve it. Wellbeing coaching helps you recognise and tap into your strengths, values and resources so you can take the actions to move towards the things that are important to you.

You can be assured that support will be affirming, safe and inclusive.

Whatever your support needs are, whether it be guidance on where to find culturally safe and inclusive healthcare or talking to someone about your mental health and wellbeing – start by contacting an LGBTQIA+ Peer Worker.

Who can access Elevate?

Elevate is available to LGBTQIA+ people 18 + years who live or are connected to north, western and metro Melbourne and who:

  • May experience lower intensity mental health distress
  • May be at risk of being socially isolated or experience discrimination
  • May experience difficulty navigating the service system.

What do I need to do?

For more information or to talk to an LGBTQIA+ Peer Worker, call us on 03 9448 5554 or email us at

You can engage with the program in whatever way works best for you, including:

  • In person
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Video-conference

What will it cost me?

There is no cost for this service.

This program is funded by the North Western Melbourne PHN

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