cohealth receives funding for better dental services

Released on 6th August 2015

cohealth has received additional Victorian Government funding to improve dental health services in Melbourne’s west.

cohealth chief executive Lyn Morgain said the money would be used to upgrade current dental xray and sterilization equipment to provide more efficient care.

“Last year more than 10,000 people accessed our oral health services, many of them children – it’s one of our highest demand areas of health care.”

“Oral health has a huge impact on the rest of our lives – healthy teeth are required for good nutrition and there’s a direct relationship between poor teeth and poor mental and physical health – with healthier teeth, you’re more likely to smile.”

cohealth is a leading provider of health and promotion services in Melbourne’s fastest growing northern and western suburbs. Figures from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show tooth decay is increasing in younger generations thought due to increased sugar consumption.

“Having an efficient, high quality service to help tackle the rise of tooth decay among young children is critical to creating good lifelong habits early.”

Ms Morgain acknowledged the support of Dental Health Services Victoria and the Hon. Jill Hennessy MP, Minister for Health, to improve the availability of accessible, high quality health care for some of the state’s most disadvantaged communities.

“Good dental health is fundamental to being healthy and poor dental health places greater burden on all health services.”

“This funding commitment enables us to continue to deliver important dental care and extend dental services for the people in the west.

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