Yes! cohealth welcomes positive result of marriage equality survey – now it’s time to deliver legal equality for lgbtiq families

Released on 15th November 2017

cohealth, provider of community health and support services in Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs, has welcomed the result of the Marriage Equality Postal Survey announced today.

The result shows that Australians overwhelmingly support marriage equality. It is now incumbent on our Parliamentarians to reflect the views of the community. We call on the Parliament to move without delay to amend the Marriage Act to enshrine marriage equality in law, and to do so without creating any new forms of discrimination.

As we asserted at the outset, it is our view that the Marriage Equality Postal Survey was a deeply divisive and unnecessary process. It hurt our LGBTIQ clients and staff, and we saw sharp increases in demand for support to cope with the negative impacts of the campaign. However the survey also showed the incredible strength and resilience of the LGBTIQ community, and demonstrated the value that the Australian community as a whole places on equality.

As a human rights based health organisation, we know that social equity and inclusion are essential to the health and wellbeing of marginalised individuals, families and communities, whilst discrimination can have a profoundly negative effect.

We are encouraged by the attitude of the broad Australian community as demonstrated by the survey result, but remain concerned about the potential further negative impacts of stigmatisation and vilification on LGBTIQ individuals and communities as Parliament debates the required changes to the Marriage Act.

We will be alert and ready to continue offering support to our LGBTIQ clients and staff – in particular young people, children, those without support and those with mental health support needs.

And we call on our politicians to now act swiftly to bring this period of hurt and discrimination for LGBTIQ individuals and their families to an end, and to finally deliver legal equality – and improved health outcomes – for LGBTIQ families.

For people needing support, Counsellors are available through QLife and Switchboard, phone service open every day between 3pm – Midnight 1800 184 527Lifeline 13 11 14; and BeyondBlue 1300 224 634.

More information: Richard Meredith 0438 553 052


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