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Partnerships strengthening the gap in Mental Health

9th March 2016

Cambodian Registrars take a tour of cohealth’s Homeless Outreach and Community
Pictured (left – right): Gordon Conochie (cohealth), Brigid Ryan (AAMH), Dean Alexander (cohealth), Sok Hong, Huong Pisey and Sao Chamroeun (Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Ministry of Health, Cambodia).

In an effort to develop and strengthen Mental Health services in Cambodia three young psychiatric registrars were selected to undertake community-based mental health training at leading service providers in Victoria.

As part of the two week training program the psychiatrists visited St Vincent’s Mental Health Service and cohealth’s Community Mental Health services to gain an understanding of community mental health systems of care and approaches to treatment for people with mental illness in Australia.

cohealth’s has more than 30 years experience providing Community Mental Health services across Melbourne’s inner CBD, western and northern suburbs through its three founding organisations.

Their Mental Health Community Support Services (MHCSS) and Homeless Outreach Mental Health Services (HOMHS) especially provide vital one-on-one services out in the community that support people recovering from a range of mental illness, substance abuse and homelessness.

cohealth’s Director of Community Mental Health, Sally Mitchell said, ‘cohealth supports the development of community-based mental health services that optimise opportunities for people with multiple and complex needs to recover through collaboration and partnership.’

Due to a lack of workforce development in Cambodia there’s a shortage of trained psychiatrists and limited prospects for specialist training. These three Psychiatric Registrars have a rare chance to complete specialised training in the field and hope to take key learnings about cohealth’s community-based model to apply to their professional practice back home.

Project Manager at Asia Australia Mental Health (AAMH), Brigid Ryan said, ‘It is important these young psychiatrists are well trained and develop strong international support to help them improve professional standards and lead their mental health system in future.’

This training program was funded by the Thomas Trauer Fund established by the St Vincent’s Foundation in 2013 to support the development of mental health services in the Asia Pacific.

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Media Releases

increased community managed mental health funding a positive first step

17th September 2018

cohealth, one of Victoria’s leading community health providers, has today welcomed Minister Foley’s announcement of an additional $50 million in funding for community-based psychosocial support services as an important first step in repairing Victoria’s mental health system.

Victoria’s community mental health services have long been the envy of other States and Territories, delivering psychosocial support and rehabilitation programs that enable those experiencing mental health difficulties to become and stay well. However the loss of many of these services in recent years as funding has transitioned into the NDIS has led to heartbreaking stories from former clients of declining mental health and increased pressure on their family and carers.

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cohealth welcomes establishment of community health expert taskforce

5th June 2018

cohealth, one of Victoria’s leading community health providers, has today expressed profound dismay at the Andrews Government’s failure to provide any investment into community managed mental health services, with the now comprehensive loss of psychosocial support and rehabilitation programs certain to hurt individuals, families and communities across the State.

cohealth’s Chief Executive, Lyn Morgain, said that “the 2018 Budget represented a critical moment for the future of mental health service delivery in Victoria. Consumers, service providers, and advocates, have loudly and at length urged the Government to invest the necessary money to save the State’s existing community mental health services, and restore those that have already been lost. With no new funding provided for community mental health, more services will be lost, and more people will suffer.”

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