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Hãy cùng tham gia – get Involved like Dieu

29th March 2018

Nearly 28 years ago, Dieu and her husband left Vietnam to be reunited with their children here in Australia.  They were new to the culture, language and community, and it wasn’t until they became more involved in their local community health centre that they started to get support and find...

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build a better health service for you

26th March 2018

Would you like to have a say in your community's health and wellbeing? cohealth invites you to join us to build a strong and connected health service. Come to a free information session and meet other people who share a passion for a better health system and better health services....

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Telling the good stories about Sudanese youth

8th March 2018

Nyakeer Akoul’s Sudanese community has been caught up in a firestorm in the past year; used as a political football, media fodder and subjected to racist stereotyping. When she gets up and talks in front of a group, school children, community groups or cohealth providers, she tells it how it...

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