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Let’s Talk About January 26

Published: 22nd January 2021

January 26 is a date that represents the beginning of genocide, colonisation and dispossession. It attempts to erase the fact that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have lived on and cared for Country for over 65,000 years. For cohealth, January 26 is a time to reflect, deepen our understanding...

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Holiday hours

Published: 16th December 2020

Over the holiday period, there will be some changes to our usual operating hours. All cohealth services will be closed on 25 and 28 December 2020 and 1 January 2021. Some cohealth services will be operating on reduced hours between 4 January and 8 January 2021.

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Diversexy program smashes stereotypes about sex and disability

Published: 3rd December 2020

cohealth's Diversexy program kicked off with the first of two online sessions for people with disability to talk and learn about sex in a safe and positive environment led by peer advocates. Although disability-focussed sexual health workshops are not new, Diversexy is different because it empowers people with disability to...

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The long-haul – supporting patients with lingering COVID symptoms

Published: 30th October 2020

While the number of new daily cases of COVID has plummeted in recent days, cohealth’s work responding to the impacts of the virus continues, both in helping to prevent new cases, as well as helping those who are still recovering from COVID. Among those people who continue to be supported...

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Published: 21st October 2020

Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their body.  Transomatics, a cohealth's Arts Generator program, is a podcast to support people dealing with gender dysphoria (the feeling of being uncomfortable in your body). ​​​​​​​ Often, the response to gender dysphoria is to disassociate, which means to remove mind and spirit from one’s own...

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