100-year-old adele gets her booster thanks to cohealth

Posted on 5th April 2022

The cohealth in-house vaccination team recently paid a visit to the home of a 100-year-old woman and found themselves showered with chocolates and hospitality. 

For 100-year-old Adele, getting a COVID booster shot was a priority, but the practicalities of leaving the house and getting to a vaccination clinic made it hard.  

cohealth’s mobile in-home vaccination team made the vaccination process simple and easy, with the friendly team visiting Adele and holding her hand (literally) through the process. 

The in-home service enables people to get vaccinated in a safe and comfortable space, such as their home or other familiar environment. 

Layla, Adele’s eldest daughter, is in her 70s, and currently visiting from her home in the US.  

 “Mum is 100 years old so it’s very difficult for her to take stairs. Leaving the house to get vaccinated was not an option,” said Layla. 

“The cohealth staff were very friendly. My mum felt very happy. She was feeling safe.”


Layla says her mum is known for her generosity and hospitality 

“My mother likes to give chocolates to people who visit. She insists they take the chocolates, and I tell people, ‘please, just take one or she’ll only keep offering!’” 

“Recently we had to call out an ambulance for my mum, and when the paramedics left, she insisted they take some chocolates with them,” Layla said with a laugh. 

“I’m pleased mum has had her booster. Getting herself vaccinated was very important – for her and for us. Now we are all triple-vaxxed.” 

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