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cohealth welcomes Virginia Lewis as first Research Chair

cohealth are pleased to announce the appointment of La Trobe University Professor Virginia Lewis as the inaugural cohealth Research Chair. Professor Lewis is a health services researcher and evaluator with more than 25 years of experience.

Professor Lewis has worked over many years with the Victorian primary and community health sectors and has a particular interest in increasing access to community-based primary health care for vulnerable populations.

“I am particularly excited about this opportunity because I have a long-standing interest in and commitment to demonstrating the value and sustaining the role of community health in the health system,” Professor Lewis said.

The appointment will empower cohealth to improve the health outcomes of clients and communities and will ensure that cohealth services, policy and advocacy are built on robust consumer, community and clinical evidence. As Research Chair, Professor Lewis will strengthen the capability of the organisation to collect, analyse and produce evidence that supports the broader health system to respond to both community and individual needs.

This appointment also marks the start of a significant partnership between La Trobe University and cohealth, with La Trobe providing funding for the Research Chair position, research assistance and knowledge dissemination.

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