get involved – david’s story

Posted on 7th May 2018

Spend 5 minutes talking to David and you can easily see that his love for helping communities is as deep as his love for old school soul and hip hop – two things he feels strongly should be part of everyone’s life.

David first got involved with cohealth by using the services for mental health, counselling and building self-esteem. He gained so much from using these services that he wanted to give back to his community and try to reach out to others in need.

He started out by joining a cohealth community advisory committee to learn about changes in the way health services were about to be delivered. What he gained was an opportunity to influence decisions that affected him and others using those services, meet people from different cultures and backgrounds and help his fellow community members. He recognised early on that many members of the committee from different countries did not have the support of families around them, and being involved gave them all a sense of belonging. Together they formed a stronger voice for sharing their ideas about improving services for their own health and wellbeing as well as for their communities.

David continues to participate on the cohealth advisory committee, volunteers at an information resource centre and is studying for his Certificate IV in Community Services, in addition to his job and side plans of immersing himself into the Brooklyn hip hop scene someday.

“Everyone should get involved with community health; it can change their lives too.”

Give back like David. Get involved.

Join the cohealth participation register to find out how.

You can email to request more information or questions to: or call us on 03 9448 5633

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