hãy cùng tham gia – get involved like dieu

Posted on 29th April 2018

Nearly 28 years ago, Dieu and her husband left Vietnam to be reunited with their children here in Australia.  They were new to the culture, language and community, and it wasn’t until they became more involved in their local community health centre that they started to get support and find connections with others.

Now, Dieu and her family have been active members of the ‘cohealth family’ for many years, benefiting from services as well as helping their community.  She is the President of the Fitzroy Vietnamese Elderly group, a board member of the Cultural Vietnamese Women’s group and volunteers as a cohealth committee advisory member representing these community groups.  Despite the language barriers that could have prevented her from having a voice in impacting her community, through the help of interpreters she has played essential roles in advocating for changes that affect the people she represents.

My family is very thankful for being able to participate in cohealth’s life. We are supported in improving and protecting our health and wellbeing, we feel empowered, we can make things happen, and we have people to listen to our concerns and hear to what we have to say. The more people get engaged and involved in the services, the more benefits they will get from participating.”

Get empowered like Dieu. Get involved.

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