Mental health support is available #WorldMentalHealthDay

Posted on 9th October 2022
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Feeling sad, frustrated, stressed or anxious is normal. For many people, these feelings have been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic and cost of living pressures. Self care can help manage these feelings, however It’s important to recognise if you need professional support.  

If the feelings are constant, persisting for longer than two weeks or affecting your life in a negative way, professional mental health support can help.

cohealth provides a range of services for people experiencing mental illness or who are at risk of developing mental illness. Our mental health specialists can support you to manage your self-care, improve social connectedness and achieve good quality of life. See below for a full list of our services.  

cohealth mental health services

Brimbank Mental Health services

Free mental health support is available for people aged 26 years and over who live, work and study in Brimbank.  

More information about this service will be available in the coming weeks, but you can access it now. Call 9448 5522 to speak to one of our mental health clinicians.   

Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub 

Free mental health and wellbeing support for people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mental health nursing

Mental health nurses provide support to people who have mental health concerns. 

Youth Outreach Recovery and Support

Support for young people experiencing mental health symptoms or significant psychological distress. 

Youth Residential Rehabilitation

Recovery support and accommodation for young people with a mental illness. 

Commonwealth Psychosocial Support

Support for people with psychosocial needs to make goals for recovery.   

Janoak Residential Services

Supported accommodation for people with significant mental health challenges. 

Homeless Mental Health Service

Specialised support for people experiencing homelessness with a severe and long term mental illness. 


If you need support outside of our operating hours, call one of the numbers listed below. In an emergency, please call 000.


Available all day, every day
13 11 14 

Beyond Blue

Available all day, every day
1300 224 636 

Head to Health

Available Monday to Friday from 8:30am – 5pm
1800 595 212 

Suicide Call Back Service

Available all day, every day
1300 659 467 

Kids Helpline

Available all day, every day
1800 55 1800 


Available all day, every day
1300 789 978 


6pm weekdays, 12pm Saturday, all day Sunday and public holidays.
132 660 

13SICK National Home Doctor

Available 6pm – 8am
137 452 

Nurse On Call

Available all day, every day
1300 60 60 24 


For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
Available all day, every day
13 92 76 


For LGBTQIA+ people
3pm to midnight everyday
1800 184 527 


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