Free Monkeypox (MPX) available at cohealth

Posted on 20th November 2022
Image of a vial of Monkeypox vaccine. There is a close up of a hand sticking a syringe into the vial.

cohealth is providing free access to the Monkeypox (MPX) vaccine for eligible clients.  

MPX is a viral infection that spreads by close or intimate skin-to-skin contact with someone who has MPX. MPX symptoms are usually mild and most people recover without treatment within a few weeks.  However, some people may develop severe illness and require hospitalisation. 

Two doses are required for optimal protection and can be given 28 days apart. The MPX vaccine takes approximately 14 days before it is effective. 

Who can get the MPX vaccine? 

You can get the MPX vaccine for free if you are: 

  • a high-risk close contact of someone with MPX. Post exposure treatment should preferably be accessed within 4 days of close contact. 
  • a man, non-binary person or trans person who has sex with men or trans men and are at increased risk of contracting MPX. This includes people who: 
    • are living with HIV 
    • are taking HIV PrEP medication   
    • have recently had multiple sexual partners, participated in group sex, or attended a sex on premises venue  
    • have been recommended to get the MPX vaccine by a health care provider  
  • a sex worker, particularly with clients who are in high-risk categories listed above. 
  • at greater risk of a poor clinical outcome from MPX infection, such as people who are immunocompromise. 
  • an immunisation provider who administering the smallpox vaccine. 
  • a laboratory worker who analyse specimens from monkeypox cases. 

What do I need to do? 

If you meet the eligibility criteria above, you can get the MPX vaccine at cohealth West Melbourne. Walk-ins are welcome. You do not need an appointment.  

You do not need a Medicare card to get the vaccine. You can get the vaccine anonymously – you do not need to share your personal details with us if you do not feel comfortable. 

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