some of our services and staff on the move

Posted on 9th November 2016
A graphic of three people walking. The first person is caring a square. The second is caring a circle. The third person is carrying a briefcase.

Over the next few months we are moving some of our services and staff.  Why? Some of our buildings are no longer a good match for cohealth and the community’s needs so we are closing them. We have also improved the facilities at some of our other health centres and we are opening at some new locations.

These changes are happening now and will continue over the next few months.

We will continue to provide the same health and support services that clients are used to. We are working with staff, clients and the community to make sure people are aware of changes that may affect them. We are also updating service and location information on this website as things change. The most up to date information on our services and locations is available on this website.  If you have any queries, please email

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