syringe dispensing units are now available

Posted on 29th June 2018
syringe dispensing unit

Syringe Dispensing Units (SDUs), which dispense free of charge packs of injecting equipment and disposal containers, are now available from cohealth’s Braybrook, Collingwood and Fitzroy sites and compliment our existing Needle and Syringe Program (NSP) service.

Needle and Syringe Programs are an important public health initiative. Providing clean injecting equipment prevents the spread of blood borne viruses like HIV and hepatitis C and reduces the harms associated with injecting drug use.

SDUs provide another option to accessing injecting equipment, particularly after hours and for people who may not want to enter health services or use an outreach service.

The SDUs dispense free packs of injecting equipment and disposal containers.  Different types of packs, for example, 1 ml and 3 ml syringes, can be selected, and a small amount of data (pack type, gender, age and postcode) is collected before a pack is dispensed.

SDUs are available at times when the NSP is not staffed can be found at the following cohealth locations:

107-139 Churchill Avenue – on the side of the community hub building.

365 Hoddle Street – under cover in the walkway outside the old entrance.

75 Brunswick Street – under cover near the front entrance.

For more information about cohealth’s Needle and Syringe Program, visit our NSP page.

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