Trans Awareness Week Q&A with Lucy (he/him)

Posted on 18th November 2022
Trans Awareness Week Q&A: Navigating Victoria's health system as a transgender person

Our Trans Awareness Week Q&A with Lucy (he/him) shines a light on what it’s like navigating the health system as a trans person. Lucy spoke about the healthcare barriers that can exist for many trans people and the changes he would like to see to make sure that all trans people can get access informed and non-judgemental care.

Thanks so much for your insights Lucy!

What are the most important qualities a healthcare professional should have when supporting trans clients?

A healthcare professional should have compassion and empathy and treat their trans client with respect and dignity.

What are some major barriers that trans clients face when accessing healthcare that is right for them?

Waiting lists, financial costs and the lack of specialists GPs. It is also so much harder to get the care you need when you don’t already have your own knowledge of what’s available and what you need to do.

What would you like the wider community to know about navigating the health system as a trans person?

There is no central place to go to for information, for both trans people and health professionals. You have to find all this information yourself from different places, which can be overwhelming!

What would you like to see done to address the gaps in the health system for trans people?

There is a lack of training for health professionals about how to support trans client. I would like to see ongoing training for every specialist. I would love to see more gender clinics and all the important information in one place!

If you’ve had a positive experience in the health system, what made it so positive?

The lack of judgement and the fact that the health professional acknowledged me and then got on with the job made the experience a positive one.

Community perspectives are important. By reaching out to community members and hearing what they have to say, healthcare providers can ensure they are always striving to provide health and social equity for all. 

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