Posted on 21st October 2020

everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their body. 

Transomatics, a cohealth’s Arts Generator program, is a podcast to support people dealing with gender dysphoria (the feeling of being uncomfortable in your body).
Often, the response to gender dysphoria is to disassociate, which means to remove mind and spirit from one’s own body. For some people, altering their bodies to fit who they are is the right solution.

However, surgeries and hormones are expensive, and for many people coming out as trans is not a viable option for a variety of reasons.

Transomatics was developed as an alternative method which supports trans people to feel comfortable in their bodies.

interview with sumarlinah winoto, the creator of transomatics

How was Transomatics formed?

For many years, I have been exploring different ways I could bring the skills and learnings I have gained through my dance practice to daily life. While navigating my own trans body, I have leaned heavily on these teachings, and wanted to share this knowledge with my community. I believe that exploring and becoming close to our bodies physiologically, and removing the gendered lens, can assist us in easing gender dysphoria. It is important to me that this work was developed by and for trans people, to create space with shared understanding of the complexities of our bodies and our experiences in them, that could be safe for us to be vulnerable in.

How can people access Transomatics? 

The series is available on the transomatics website, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and various other podcast streaming apps. I have seen that people are mostly listening on Apple Podcasts and the embedded podcast player on I have also provided transcripts for each episode, which live on the website too.

​​​​​​​What has been the response from your community? 

I have had so many supportive and appreciative messages come through. It has been really heart-warming. A standout for me has been a non-binary person who is pregnant expressed their gratitude for Transomatics in helping them navigate bodily awareness in the highly gendered context of prenatal health.

What plans are in store for Transomatics in the future? 
With the support of Moreland City Council, I am planning to run a series of in-person sessions on Transomatics in 2021, which will include six sessions over six months for trans people to come together and explore their bodies. One of the key aspects of Transomatics is building a space that is all trans, and I am very much looking forward to being able to have that in the physical world again. The recorded series will serve as an introduction for the in-person workshops, which will allow us to delve deeper into our selves.

more information

Transomatics is made by the trans community, for the trans community.

Each podcast guides the listener through 10-15 minute exercises – very simple movements that are aimed at creating a state of mindfulness.

The podcast can be accessed from the Transomatics website.

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cohealth Arts Generator works in partnership with communities to unlock creative potential and build connections by producing high quality, cutting edge art and art experiences. The program works with communities experiencing structural disadvantage in the western region and inner north of Melbourne.

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