Van Bawi Thawng

Chin Burmese
English, Burmese, Falam Chin, Mizo Chin, Hakha Chin

Van is a member of Melbourne’s Chin Burmese community.

He has a Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship & Innovation) and experience working in health, community development/engagement, project management, sports and the arts.

The Chin Burmese community is one of the youngest migrant/refugee groups in Australia. Van is well connected to most Chin community groups through church and music. He is currently working as Project Coordinator for the Refugee Community Association of Australia.

Van is a passionate, caring advocate for equality. He loves helping people and giving back to his community. As a Chin Burmese member with lived experience, he can empathise with others’ hardships, find solutions and help people navigate the system to access the best services they deserve.

Van loves music and being with friends, and is committed to his personal growth and faith.

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