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Policy submissions

Monitoring the Family Violence Reforms

22nd July 2020

The Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor is consulting on what has changed since the Royal Commission into Family Violence released its report in 2016, and what remains to be done. cohealth’s submission acknowledges the improvements in the family violence since then, while also identifying areas for improvement, particularly the need for safe, secure housing for victim/survivors of family violence, and for increased investment in support services.

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Inquiry into Homelessness in Australia

1st April 2020

cohealth’s submission to this Parliamentary inquiry into the state of homelessness in Australia focusses on the health impacts of homelessness. We outline the barriers to accessing health care and provide recommendations as to how to overcome them. We emphasise how critically important increasing social and affordable housing is to addressing homelessness and recommend that a National Housing Strategy is developed to meet Australia’s shortfall of 500,000 social and affordable homes. We also urge an immediate increase in Jobseeker Payment.

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Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria

16th March 2020

This Parliamentary inquiry is examining the state of homelessness in Victoria. cohealth’s submission focusses on health impacts of homelessness. We outline the barriers to accessing health care and provide recommendations as to how to overcome these barriers. We emphasise the critical importance of increasing social and affordable housing to address homelessness, recommending increasing social housing by 6,000 homes per year for the next 10 years.

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Gaming machines application

3rd March 2020

An application has been made to the Victorian Commission for Gaming and Liquor Regulation to install 60 electronic gaming machines at the proposed Mt Atkinson Hotel in Melton. cohealth objected to the application, recognising the harm caused by gambling, particularly to those who already experience disadvantage.

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Religious Discrimination Bill 2019 – second exposure draft

31st January 2020

The Attorney-General’s Department is consulting on the second draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill, before the legislation is introduced to Parliament.

This second draft continues to jeopardise the health care of many groups in the community and does nothing to allay the concerns we expressed about the first version. cohealth’s submission maintains our position that addressing discrimination against one group of people cannot be done by overriding the rights of, and increasing discrimination against, another group.

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Federal budget submission 2020-21

30th January 2020

cohealth’s submission to the Federal Government’s pre-budget process proposes an innovative model of co-location of health care, social support services and housing services to create a community hub centred on the whole person. We emphasise the critical importance of also improving the circumstances in which people live, work and age.

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Productivity Commission Inquiry into Mental Health – draft report

23rd January 2020

Building on our initial submission, cohealth’s response to the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report on Mental Health responds to some key gaps in the Draft Report. We again emphasise the importance of addressing the social determinants of mental health including poverty, racism, housing and climate change. We also advocate for greater investment in community-based mental health services, particularly those that provide recovery-oriented psychosocial support.

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Victorian budget submission 2020-21

30th December 2019

cohealth’s submission to the Victorian Government’s pre-budget process presents four proposals to realise the benefits of community-based care, particularly for those with the most complex needs:
An innovative model of co-location of health and housing services
Investment in community-based psychosocial support for people with serious mental illness
Improving the health of families with complex needs
Providing opportunities for young people and enhance social inclusion

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Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

11th October 2019

cohealth’s submission recommends that more attention needs to be paid to the needs of vulnerable groups to enable them to remain well and healthy in the community for as long as possible. In particular we recommend that: skilled navigators or advocates are available to support vulnerable customers access the system and obtain the supports they need; block funding is retained to meet the inclusion and health promotion needs of these groups; and there are improvements in language services and cultural safety.

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