Board of Directors

The role of the board of directors is to oversee the governance of all cohealth’s activities.

The board of directors oversee cohealth’s governance, compliance, and risk assessment. They are responsible for ensuring decisions are made in the best interest of the organisation. Our directors bring extensive experience to cohealth with backgrounds spanning corporate governance, legal, financial management, accounting and public policy.

She/her/hers Board Chair Kerry Thompson is a highly accomplished and experienced senior executive and CEO, within the state, local government and not-for-profit sectors.
He/him/his Board Director, Deputy Chair Khoi is a lawyer by background and has worked in corporate law, international development, not for profit organisations and the public sector.
She/her/hers Board Director Lorraine is an Aboriginal woman who identifies with her mother’s Alyawarr country and brings together her Aboriginal identity and her extensive experience in health.
He/him/his Board Director Ron has an extensive background in local government and a wealth of experience in corporate governance, strategic planning and accountability.
He/him/his Board Director David has more than forty years experience as a chartered accountant providing services to a wide range of organisations including not-for-profit, family business, public sector organisations and listed companies in New Zealand, Canada and Australia.
He/him/his Board Director Philip has been a Director of PTA Architecture for more than 20 years where the practice portfolio includes retirement and aged care facilities and primary care, as well as residential and commercial projects in the inner north of Melbourne.
She/her/hers Board Director Alecia is a qualified accountant with over 20 years experience across the for-profit and for-purpose sectors.
She/her/hers Board Director Mayada has worked as a lawyer in private practice, in corporate settings and as a barrister. She has extensive experience in the areas of health and medical law, and bioethics.

About us

cohealth is a not-for-profit community health organisation. We provide essential health and support services in Melbourne’s CBD, inner-north and inner-west, and the east coast of Tasmania.

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