cohealth in the media

3 January 2023  Triple R  Uncommon Sense: segment with Peer Worker Kit Regan and Community Partnerships Facilitator Greg Denham  
11 December 2022   9News Melbourne   Parents of children with minor health issues are being encouraged to visit cohealth   
24 November 2022    The Guardian    From bail reform to Covid: the five issues missing from the Victoria state election campaign   
19 November 2022    ABC News    Why the inner-Melbourne seat of Richmond could be ‘critical’ on Victorian election night   
16 November 2022    9News Melbourne    Segment about the campaign to redevelop 365 Hoddle Street   
15 November 2022    ABC News AM    COVID antivirals awareness: Dr Nicole Allard   
29 October 2022    ABC News    Flood-affected Rochester residents on life in former COVID quarantine hub in Mickleham   
25 October 2022    ABC Mornings    Calls for greater investment in community health ahead of Victorian state election   
25 October 2022    Star Weekly    Tailored mental health support available   
24 October 2022    The Age    Wobbly floors, leaking ceilings and demountables: The health centres waiting for election promises   
24 October 2022    ABC RN Health Report    Victorian state election, healthcare promises, and hospitals   
19 October 2022    Croakey    It’s (well past) time to rewrite election narratives about health and healthcare   
12 October 2022    3CR: Wednesday Breakfast    cohealth Community Partnerships Facilitator Greg Denham: from 50 minutes 25 seconds   
11 October 2022    Star Weekly    Getting mental health back on the right track   
29 September 2022    Croakey    As Victoria faces an election, increased investment in prevention is key to unlocking the door on a fairer, healthier future   
21 September 2022    National Indigenous Times    Community health service gives staff choice to boycott Queen’s public holiday   
30 August 2022    The Age    Heroin deaths drop as government recommits to delayed injecting room   
25 August 2022    ABC News    Melbourne man uses painting to forge path back from addiction   
25 August 2022    ABC Mornings    Nicole Bartholomeusz an artist Chris speak about Beyond the Stigma – Laneway Light on ABC Mornings program   
25 August 2022    CBD News    How art is being used to break stigma and create conversations   
24 August 2022    The Canberra Times    Exhibition shines light on drug stigma   
24 August 2022    CBD News    How one zine that shares lived experiences is helping homeless people with what they need to know   
23 August 2022    National Indigenous Times    Cohealth Kangaroos go down to Reclink Bushies in tight, muddy Ballarat thriller   
18 August 2022    The Age    The dark path avoided: How bulk billing saved John’s life   
10 August 2022    The Senior    Community groups help Victorians apply for Power Saving Bonus   
8 August 2022    The Sydney Morning Herald    Cared for generations of Collingwood and Fitzroy families   
8 August 2022    National Indigenous Times    Footy club pays tribute to Uncle Archie Roach ahead of testing game against first-time opponent   
7 August 2022    Media release, Minister for Energy Lily D’Ambrosio    Targeted support for bill busting bonus   
5 August 2022    Star Weekly    Statistics tell mental health story   
29 July 2022    Croakey    Will 2022 be the year primary healthcare takes a step up?   
29 July 2022    National Indigenous Times    Bulldogs claim Battle of the West footy spoils, but Kangas’ journeyman gets the BBQ snags   
26 July 2022    ABC News AM    Concerns people aren’t accessing antivirals for COVID early enough   
21 July 2022    Croakey    Amid worrying and significant gaps and variation in COVID vaccination, what tools might help?   
20 July 2022    The Age    The factors that make people more likely to get seriously sick or die from Omicron   
13 July 2022    North West City News    High-rise public housing residents welcome new community health program   
13 July 2022    North West City News    Cohealth Kangas provides connection for people living with homelessness and disability   
6 July 2022    ABC Mornings    cohealth Kanga Glen Scott remembers his dad, John   
27 June 2022    SBS News    This unique community footy team is helping the homeless get a fresh start   
8 June 2022    Maribyrnong & Hobsons Bay Star Weekly    Remembering a life lived in full   
7 June 2022    Star Weekly    Pop-up clinic to remain open   
27 May 2022    The Project    The clothing library helping those in need   
18 May 2022    Croakey    Albanese wants action on COVID, but the next Government must also prioritise primary healthcare reform   
May 2022    The Health Advocate    Calls for a national revival of community health centres    
May 2022    The Health Advocate    The pandemic may end, but the Pathway will continue   
8 May 2022    SBS News    Melbourne public housing residents have created a clothes library for neighbours in need   
4 May 2022    Star Weekly    Community health organisation expresses disappointment with state budget   
3 May 2022    The Daily Telegraph    Victoria will look overseas to fill health jobs unveiled in budget   
1 May 2022     The Guardian    Vulnerable Australians missing out on healthcare as insufficient Medicare rebate drives GP shortage   
30 April 2022    ABC News    Rod’s been using heroin for 38 years. This is what he wants you to know about drug addiction   
30 April 2022    SBS News    World News Australia: Collingwood high-rise clothing exchange    
27 April 2022    ABC Radio National    Client Indi and Dr Nicole Allard on Medicare   
6 April 2022    Croakey Health Media    Important reform lessons from a collaboration in COVID care   
23 March 2022    CBD News    Support from the ground up   
23 March 2022    CBD News    Overdose fatals spark calls for health-based solution   
23 March 2022    Hospitals and Healthcare    How the Pathway model took pressure off Vic hospitals   
16 March 2022    Herald Sun (print op-ed)    opinion piece, herald sun: dr catherine orr, removing barriers key to raising child vax rates   
11 March 2022    Star Weekly    New respiratory clinic has opened in West Footscray   
7 March 2022    The Age    COVID testing hubs anticipate closures in shift to rapid kits   
7 March 2022    ABC Radio Melbourne    Rebecca Mannix speaking about outreach podiatry (from 3:00)   
16 February 2022    Journal of Foot and Ankle Research    Responding to foot health needs of people experiencing homelessness: the role of a publicly funded community-based podiatry service   
3 February 2022    Shepperton News    Older Shepparton residents from culturally diverse backgrounds feel left out when it comes to healthcare   
29 January 2022    National Nine News    pop-up at Mowvelle Primary School (from 5 minutes 45 seconds)   
28 January 2022    Star Weekly    Recommendations to help prevent elder abuse   
27 January 2022    CBD News    CBD, West Melbourne COVID vaccine clinics open for kids   
27 January 2022    CBD News    Down but not out   
20 January 2022    Star Weekly    Omicron drives need for increased mental health support   
10 January 2022    Daily Telegraph    Families in race to vaccinate 500,000 Victorian kids before new school year   
4 January 2022    The Age    Battling the virus at home? Advice can help you through   
25 December 2021    The Age    A home alone Christmas: 30,000 Victorians spend day in isolation   
24 December 2021    ABC RN AM    Interview with Dr Catherine Orr re. GP shortages and cohealth’s GP-centric approach   
24 December 2021    7News    cohealth provides support to people in isolation over Christmas period   
20 December 2021    ABC RN AM    COVID support offered over festive season   
20 December 2021    The Guardian    Melbourne man who was confined to room and used bucket as a toilet highlights challenges for some Covid patients   
8 November 2021    The Guardian    More than 60% of people visiting Melbourne vaccination hub did not have Medicare card   
3 November 2021    Star Weekly    New mental health hub in Melton helping locals get back on their feet   
3 October 2021    The Age    Help amid the heartache as Afghan refugees begin their new lives   
1 October 2021    The Guardian    Stark divide: disadvantaged areas of Victoria have worst Covid vaccination rates   
28 September 2021    ABC News    What happens if I test positive to COVID in Victoria?   
23 September 2021    The Canberra Times    Riots shut down Melbourne vaccine centres   
6 September 2021    The Age    ‘You feel like it’s all your fault’: When a family is struck down by COVID   
3 September 2021    The Guardian    ‘Willing as anyone’: Covid vaccine hub in Melbourne town hall to help homeless access jabs   
2 September 2021    The Advocate    The Advocate Podcast featuring special guest Danny Jeffcote from cohealth   
31 August 2021    The Age    ‘I tell them, it didn’t kill me’: Vaccination hub for homeless opens   
25 August 2021    The Advocate    You don’t have to have an addiction to have an overdose   
23 August 2021    Al Jazeera    Australia’s ‘revolving door’ of prison and homelessness   
21 August 2021    SBS news    The community leaders fighting the COVID-19 pandemic one vaccine myth at a time   
2 August 2021    Star Weekly    Pop-up COVID-19 vaccine clinic in Footscray
30 July 2021    ANMF Vic    40 years of community care: meet Helen Chakman   
23 July 2021    The Age – Facebook    Pop-up COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic   
22 July 2021    7News    Pop-up vaccine clinics for Vic homeless   
13 July 2021    The Guardian    ‘Cooking is a way for me to share my love’: recipes from Melbourne public housing residents   
11 July 2021    ABC News Breakfast    How a cookbook brought Melbourne’s inner-city public housing community together   
6 July 2021    The Age    ‘We’re all like one big family’: When footy really is more than a game   
4 July 2021    Star Observer    Queer Refugees in Australia Struggle With Visibility and Support    
3 July 2021    Probono Australia    The power of cooking to support community wellbeing   
10 June 2021    ABC News    Cold chain nurse uses esky to transport COVID-19 vaccines to pop-up clinics in Melbourne   
10 June 2021    ABC Radio Melbourne    Cold chain nurse uses esky to transport COVID-19 vaccines to pop-up clinics in Melbourne   
7 June 2021    The Age    Exposure sites back above 300 as CBD tram, fast food outlets added   
5 June 2021    Joy FM    Azlan from cohealth’s Elevate program   
30 May 2021    3RRR    Eat It   
25 May 2021    SBS Online    Inside Australia’s fight against vaccine misinformation   
11 May 2021    Croakey    Wrapping health and healthcare reaction to a “three star” budget   
11 May 2021    Star Weekly    Smile Squad on the road   
5 May 2021    Croakey    Health and medical leaders urge the Prime Minister to act on climate crisis   
25 April 2021    The Age    ‘I turned my scars into strength’: Victoria gets LGBTI homelessness support   
4 April 2021    The Age    The shot messengers: public housing residents trained to advise on vaccines   
1 April 2021    Today    Community: part one. Health, social housing and building relationships   
25 March 2021    SBS News    Health Concierges improve COVID-19 messaging in public housing   
20 March 2021    ABC News    Residents of Melbourne’s hard tower lockdowns mobilise against off-radar COVID misinformation   
2 March 2021    Nine News    Victoria’s mental health system operates in ‘crisis mode’, royal commission finds   
2 March 2021    Croakey    Victoria’s Mental Health Royal Commission promises to transform “failed system”   
28 February 2021    The Sydney Morning Herald    Faith leaders urged to spread word amid calls for churches to be used as vaccination hubs   
24 February 2021    CBD News    Tracking high-risk COVID locations   
10 February 2021    ABC News    Melbourne’s Ethiopian community initiative gives hand-up to businesses doing it tough during COVID-19   
17 December 2020    ABC Life Matters    The right to sex when you live with disability   
16 December 2020    The Sydney Morning Herald    Peer navigators help connect LGBTQIA+ people with health services   
16 November 2020    SBS News    Residents of Melbourne’s public housing towers are now delivering in-language coronavirus advice   
16 November 2020    The Canberra Times    Health, business backs Vic housing plan
15 November 2020    SBS News    Residents of Melbourne’s public housing towers are now delivering in-language coronavirus advice   
14 November 2020    ABC News    Funding direct job creation is boosting people out of disadvantage and experts want a national policy on it   
14 November 2020    The Age    ‘This will change lives’: $5.3 billion social-housing construction blitz   
14 November 2020    The Age    The unheralded workers helping keep Melbourne COVID-free   
9 October 2020    3AW    How a community group helped crush COVID-19 in Melbourne’s west   
8 October 2020    Leader Community News    Melbourne Covid cases: Only four new cases in Melbourne’s north and west   
22 September 2020    NIT    Community program keeping Indigenous Victorians connected during lockdown   
16 September 2020    ABC Radio National Breakfast    Social factors preventing COVID-positive patients from quarantining   
16 September 2020    ABC Radio National PM    Not for profit community health group program is thought to have saved the lives of some people who needed urgent medical   
15 September 2020    ABC Online    Indigenous communities in Melbourne work hard to spread spread coronavirus message   
15 September 2020    The Age    New program helps high-risk communities self-isolate   
10 August 2020    The Age    ‘State of purgatory’: Centrelink office in Abbotsford given six-month lifeline   
1 August 2020    Sunday Age    The street smart start-up with news you can use   
22 July 2020    The Age    Need for masks for masks for Melbourne’s homeless, refugees and asylum seekers (scroll down halfway)   
10 July 2020    Australian Doctor    GP shares what it’s like to work in Melbourne’s locked down tower   
10 July 2020    Croakey    Opinion by cohealth CE Nicole Bartholomeusz: Record COVID cases in Victoria amid scrutiny of hotel quarantining, public housing lockdown   
10 July 2020    ABC TV News Breakfast    cohealth’s Dr Bronwyn Wells interviewed about our support of public housing residents in hard lockdown   
7 July 2020    ABC Online    Melbourne residents in coronavirus hard lockdown fear for health impacts in public housing towers     
6 July 2020    ABC RN Drive    Melbourne residents in hard lockdown want faster testing   
5 July 2020    Sunday Age    Young South Sudanese leaders share pain of unfounded COVID blame  


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