Leadership Hub

Learn about our CEO and executive team who manage the strategic oversight of cohealth.


Nicole Bartholomeusz

Chief Executive Nicole Bartholomeusz has worked extensively in public health and government in executive and non-executive roles for over 20 years and is currently the Chief Executive of cohealth.

Christopher Turner

Deputy Chief Executive Christopher Turner has worked extensively in the community health sector for over 15 years in clinical and executive roles.

Dr Kim Webber

Executive Lead - Strategy, Impact & Development Kim leads the strategy, policy, advocacy and communication work streams for cohealth. Kim has extensive experience in national health policy and strategy spanning more than 20 years.

Wendy Fromhold

Executive Lead - Leadership & Governance Wendy has extensive experience in optimising leadership capability, governance, performance and improvement processes to enable strong, values-based delivery in health and not-for-profit organisations.

About us

cohealth is a not-for-profit community health organisation. We provide essential health and support services in Melbourne’s CBD, and northern and western suburbs.

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