Community participation

Learn more about how community participation helps cohealth listen to the voices of the communities we work with.

Community participation means working together to support better outcomes for our community. cohealth is committed to always improving our services for the communities we serve. The best way for us to improve is to invite you to contribute. Your experiences and your voice help us build a service the makes people feel safe and included.

Why get involved?

There are lots of great reasons to be involved:

  • have a voice
  • be listened to
  • give back to the community
  • reach out to others
  • improve services
  • make stronger, healthier communities

How it works

There are different ways you can get involved. You can become a Community Advisor who consults on one-off tasks. Or you can join a Community Advisory Group who have regular consultation meetings every two months.

Once you register your interest, you will hear about all the different opportunities available. Then you can decide what you’d like to be involved in.

Community Advisor

Our Community Advisors provide lived experience input into cohealth strategic processes. You contribute individually and there are lots of ways you can share your opinions and skills. We value your time and input and so there are a range of payments and reimbursements. This is to acknowledge your contributions and efforts.

Some examples of opportunities you could be invited to participate in include:

  • advocate for health issues that are important to you e.g. advise cohealth staff on the community experience of using a cohealth service
  • a workshop with cohealth staff to codesign new services
  • attend a focus group about a specific issue
  • help review and improve health and promotion materials e.g. documents and flyers
  • contribute to strategic plans and policies that affect your community
  • complete a short survey
  • work on a specific project
  • join a consumer panel and present to groups
  • participate in research and evaluation studies

Community Advisory Groups

You can also choose to contribute as a member of a group. Our Community Advisory Groups are consulted with at regular bi-monthly meetings. Advisors receive training and payment for their time.

Find out more

If you are interested in participating but first want to learn more about what is involved, please contact us on 0418 998 469 or email

Sign up to our participation register

Once you register your interest you will hear about all of the different opportunities you can participate in.

  • Register your interest by completing and submitting the online form below.
  • You can also download the form as a Word Document: Participation Register Application
  • You can fill it out and then email it back to: or print it out and post it to us at this address: Participation, cohealth, 90 Maribyrnong Street, Footscray, VIC 3011

Your information will be kept confidential, held securely by cohealth and not passed on to any third party without your consent.

community participation

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