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Older Person’s High Rise Program residents get vaccinated

Published: 23rd April 2021

As part of the vaccine rollout to people living in high-risk accommodation, cohealth has been arranging for group vaccinations of residents from cohealth's Older Persons High Rise (OPHR) program.  On Thursday, 18 older people from the OPHR program were transported to West Melbourne vaccination clinic by taxi to get the COVID-19 vaccine, with a great deal of excitement...

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Targeted efforts protect residents of high-risk accommodation from COVID-19

Published: 21st April 2021

High density housing residents are at higher risk of viral transmission because of crowded living spaces and the need for people to share areas such as laundries, kitchens, stairwells and entries.  During the peak of transmissions schools were closed, people were working from their homes and public spaces were closed,...

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