Help improve Brimbank services

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We want your help to make Brimbank the most thriving, connected and healthy community it can be.

Brimbank mental health and wellbeing local, a new mental health and wellbeing service delivered by cohealth, provides people in Brimbank with immediate and free mental health and wellbeing support.   

To make this and future services even better, we want to know:  

  • what the Brimbank community needs  
  • what already exists in Brimbank  
  • how we can link services to improve access and support.    

How you can help  

Tell us what it is like to access mental health and wellbeing support in Brimbank today and/or how you want it to be in the future.  

Register to be a community designer and:   

  • share your experiences and ideas  
  • learn new skills
  • connect with others   
  • give back to your community by helping design better services.    

This year you can get involved in:  

  • interviews or conversations about your experiences   
  • drop in design and feedback sessions at local events.  

When you register, you can decide what activities you want to get involved in. 


Resources for Community designers 

When you register as a community designer we will email or post a welcome pack to you. It covers what you need to know to get started and introduces our project and service. 

We have recorded a video about what we are doing and what to expect (Youtube)
Gói chào mừng dành cho cố vấn cộng đồng – Video (English with captions) 

We have also created a document you can download and read (Word, 2MB)
tôi cũng đã tạo một tài liệu mà bạn có thể tải xuống và đọc (Word, 2MB)  

Anyone who lives, works or studies in the City of Brimbank. 

Yes. You will be paid you for the time you take to share your experiences or contribute. This will be $40 – $100 depending on the activity you are involved in.

Your information will be kept confidential, held securely by cohealth and not passed on to a third party without your consent. Find out more about our Privacy policy

We want to make getting involved as easy and accessible as possible so everyone who wants to, can get involved. If you have any access needs, need a translator or questions, contact Jo Szczepanska, cohealth’s Design Practice Lead.  

Call 0439 649 788 or email

You can change your mind anytime and ask us to remove your registration by emailing us 

If you are interested in participating but first want to learn more about what is involved, please call us on 0418 998 469 or 

Call Jo to share your ideas on 0439649788 

Upcoming activities

Service Design workshops 

We’d like to talk to people about their experiences and ideas for mental health services in the Brimbank area. Interviews will last between 1 – 1.5hrs. We will run ask questions about: 

  • you and your background   
  • your connection to Brimbank   
  • things you do or have tried to stay well   
  • your preferences and expectations when looking for support.    

You will get a $60 Coles or Woolworths gift card for completing a session.

Community tours
From late April onwards 

Come and visit our new space in Sunshine for a community tour run by a Brimbank Local staff member. This is a great opportunity to learn about the new service in action and share ideas. 

Social Prescribing pilot – Older people 65+ with a migrant background
Starting soon

Health professionals sometimes recommend non-medical activities to support health and wellbeing. This is called social prescribing. It may include things like joining a walking group or a cooking class. We are looking to trial ‘social prescribing’ with older adults from migrant backgrounds in the Brimbank area. If that is you or someone you know, please register to take part. We’ll keep you informed of: 

  • 1:1 Interviews about your experience 
  • Events to imagine ways to improve your health and connections 
  • Activities we are piloting to reduce loneliness 

If you want to talk with us about the pilot contact Liv on 0408 769 565. 

About us

cohealth is a not-for-profit community health organisation. We provide essential health and support services in Melbourne’s CBD, inner-north and inner-west, and the east coast of Tasmania.

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