Health 2040 plan good news for vulnerable families

Released on 30th November 2016

cohealth Chief Executive, Lyn Morgain, today welcomed the Government’s Health 2040 plan, commending its focus on preventing ill-health and delivering equitable health outcomes by putting people at the centre of their care and better integrating health and social supports.

“It is well established through experience and research that a person’s health is directly impacted in both positive and negative ways by their social and economic circumstances. If we are to improve people’s health status, and reduce pressure on our hospitals and other acute services then it makes good sense to integrate the health and social support services available,” said Ms Morgain.

The Government’s Health 2040 plan seeks to prevent ill-health and ensure equitable health outcomes, and includes new initiatives that will provide both vulnerable families and individuals with chronic disease with a single worker to act as a key point of contact and facilitate access to the most appropriate health and social services.

“We have seen through our own experience that health services often act as a key entry point and opportunity for engagement with vulnerable individuals and families. A straightforward visit to the GP or dentist can, for many of our clients, open up access to a whole range of services such as family violence counselling, or legal, housing or financial assistance,” said Ms Morgain.

“cohealth has been exploring ways to enable our clients to have more say over their own care, and to have their access to health and social services made easier and more coordinated. Much of this work has been focussed in areas of entrenched disadvantage, such as Laverton and Braybrook, where we know there are many vulnerable families with complex health and social needs.

“We very much look forward to hearing more details about the initiatives contained within the Health 2040 plan, and to working with the Government to deliver better health outcomes to the most vulnerable Victorian individuals and families,” Ms Morgain said.

Media enquiries: Aram Hosie, Public Affairs Executive, 0403 317 618

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