State budget 2017 sees welcome investment in mental health

Released on 3rd May 2017

cohealth, key provider of health and support services for disadvantaged Victorians, welcomes the State Government’s 2017 Budget’s investment in the wellbeing of Victorians. The significant investment in responding to family violence, coupled with allocations to maternal and child health, education and early intervention; implementation of the Ice Action Plan; and investment in hospitals and mental health will make a real difference to the lives of Victorians.

cohealth Chief Executive, Lyn Morgain, is delighted to see a strong funding commitment to mental health and specifically community mental health. People with complex mental health needs require support from a range of services, and community mental health services enable support to be provided where they live. Community mental health support provides an essential supplement to clinical services provided by hospitals, and cohealth is pleased that the importance of community services has been recognised by the Government.

“With the support of community mental health services like those cohealth and other community based organisations provide, many people who experience mental health issues can live fulfilling lives and positively engage in the community”, Ms Morgain said.
“The funding to mental health in this budget is the greatest growth we’ve seen to this vital service in a long time”, she said.
“It shows the Government is committed to addressing the issue in a real way.
“This investment demonstrates the Government’s commitment to the 10 year Mental Health Plan and evidences the Government’s intention to resource the objectives of the plan.

“cohealth looks forward to working with the government to develop the best models of care for some of the most vulnerable people in our community”, Ms Morgain said.

Media contact: Anna Ritman, 0476 807 778.

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