The true pain of newstart: australians economically blocked from essential healthcare suffer deteriorating health

Released on 10th October 2019

The true pain of Newstart: Australians economically blocked from essential healthcare suffer deteriorating health

Victorian community health organisation cohealth has today warned about the true pain of Newstart.

Nicole Bartholomeusz, cohealth Chief Executive, said many Australians who are forced to live below the poverty line on the Newstart Allowance are going without essential healthcare because they can’t afford it

“We hear from people in the community whose health is deteriorating because they are unable to afford the cost of essential medications and health treatments.

“It’s reprehensible that people are being forced to delay seeking treatment, that they’re being forced to live in constant pain and the stress of their ill health.

“On top of this, the stress of living below the poverty line and stigma attached to unemployment is a tipping point for people developing mental health conditions, and it exacerbates existing conditions.

“As well as being a barrier to receiving care, many cohealth clients said that being on Newstart actually contributed to their ill-health

“Newstart has stagnated for 25 years without any increase in real terms. We are urging an immediate increase to the Newstart Allowance of no less than $75 per week, in line with calls from a wide cross-section of community services, business groups, unions and civil society.

“This will not only provide economic relief for the many Australians locked out of paid work, it will deliver significant benefits to their physical and mental wellbeing and prevent much more costly treatment down the line.”

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more information:  Lanie Harris 0418 552 377

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cohealth is a Victorian not-for-profit community health organisation that strives to improve health and wellbeing for all. It provides universal access to services as well as targeted programs and assertive models to address the health disparities experienced by disadvantaged groups. cohealth offers a broad range of high quality, integrated health and support services, including medical oral, pharmacy, mental health and drug and alcohol services.

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