in one week cohealth helped three public housing residents get new jobs

Posted on 3rd May 2022

The cohealth High Risk Accommodation Response (HRAR) team recently set up a Jobs Board in the foyer of the Collingwood public housing high-rise to display job ads that may be of interest to the community.  

The initiative has already proven a great success, with three residents securing employment in just one week. 

“Having worked at the towers for more than two years, we’ve built up an understanding of the needs and desires of the residents,” said Tam Le, Community Engagement Coordinator. 

“As we emerge from the pandemic, more jobs opportunities are becoming available, and people want to leave their homes and be active in the community again.” 

“Many of the residents we’re working with tell us they want to enter the workforce for the first time, or re-enter after a period of unemployment. But we know that they may face barriers to employment such as not having access to online job sites such as SEEK, or lacking confidence in the application process,” she said. 

 “We decided to set up the jobs board in the foyer, right next to the Health Concierge Info desk, which is a high-traffic area.

“The HRAR team print and display job ads that we find online, or that are sent to us. 

“Because of cohealth’s work at the high-rise, local employers such as by City of Yarra, VEC and community agencies such as Brotherhood of St Laurence are getting to know us, and have started to send through their job opportunities for us to display.” 

“Residents can stop and browse the jobs, and we can help them apply if they need support,” said Tam. 

In just one week of operation the new program has helped three residents gain employment. 

“These residents are so happy, and really appreciate cohealth staff who introduced them to this fantastic program which has helped them to return to workforce with confidence. It is a big step for them, and for some may have helped changed their life,” said Tam. 

Tam says that the success of the initiative is a testament to the value of the cohealth team working at the high-rise. 

“Thank you to all Collingwood Team members as well as our Community Nurse who are involved in this program!” said Tam. 


Success stories 

Sarra is a single mum living at 240 Wellington St, Collingwood. She applied for a job as a COVID Marshal that she saw advertised on the Jobs Board and was successful. 

Manal is a resident at 125 Napier St, Fitzroy. She secured a job in housing services as an officer.  

Ada (not her real name), lives at 229 Hoddle St, Collingwood. She successfully applied for a position as a toy library coordinator in Abbotsford with the City of Yarra. 

cohealth Health Concierge, Adolf, is currently helping the two residents Achol and Matha with their job applications. We are hoping for their success! 

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