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Posted on 3rd May 2019
we are 365

please join the we are 365 campaign for a new community health centre at 365 hoddle street collingwood.

what is the we are 365 campaign?

We need a new community health centre at 365 Hoddle Street (‘365’) to replace the ageing building and meet increased demand from the growing community.

But it’s an expensive project that needs state government investment, so we want your support.

why should you support the campaign for a new 365?

People overcoming disadvantage such as poverty, family violence, disability and drug and alcohol addiction deserve a community health centre that meets their needs now and into the future.

The community health centre at 365 is old, poorly laid-out and expensive to maintain, with some parts unusable due to safety issues and poor layout.

We want to redevelop the site to provide a larger range of health services, plus social housing for people on low incomes.

With population soaring in the area, at least 15,000 people will be using 365 each year by 2031.

We won’t be able to meet future demand in the current centre, and the State Government urgently needs to act to prevent a health crisis.

how can you show your support?

    1. Sign the petition
    2. Share the petition on social media with the hashtag #iam365
    3. Post this image to social media with the message: The 365 Hoddle St community health centre is not in good shape. Without investment from the Vic Gov it will struggle to support the growing number of disadvantaged people who rely on it. Show your support: http://bit.ly/weare365 #weare365 @rwynnemp #standwithcommunityhealth
    4. Phone or email the local member of parliament, Richard Wynne to tell him that 365 is a vital asset that needs attention.
      Richard Wynne, MP
      (03) 9415 8901

fast facts:

  • Last financial year, the 365 centre, and its two nearby sites, provided health services to 12,000 people via 65,000 appointments.
  • We’ve already outgrown the building and are leasing a space 900 metres away, which is expensive.
  • Nearly 1,000 people and families are waiting for social housing in Collingwood and surrounding suburbs.

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