Engaging with a cohealth membership enables you to to be involved in decisions that are made at our Annual General Meeting

About membership

cohealth members are entitled to

  • receive an invitation to member meetings including the Annual General Meeting
  • nominate for vacancies on the Board of Directors and
  • vote at the Annual General Meeting or at other times as required.

Who can be a member?

There are certain  criteria that you must meet to become a cohealth member.

cohealth member application requirements

Applicants must be an eligible person. As described in the Constitution, an eligible person means an individual human being who is not an employee of the Company and who, in the Board’s opinion, satisfies at least one of the eligibility criteria.

The eligibility criteria are:

  • live, work or study in the community where cohealth provides services
  • previously or currently receiving services from cohealth
  • demonstrated interest in cohealth which the Board considers to be necessary or desirable to further the Company’s objects (as set out in Clause 2 of the Constitution).

cohealth membership conditions

  • cohealth Ltd (trading as cohealth) is a public company limited by guarantee governed by a constitution and the Corporations Act 2001.
  • cohealth does not charge an application fee or an annual subscription for Membership.
  • Under the Company Constitution the liability of Members is limited. In applying to become a member of cohealth you understand that you undertake to contribute $5.00 to the assets of the Company if it is wound up while you are a Member, or within one year afterwards, for payment of the company’s debts and liabilities contracted before you ceased to be a Member; and costs and expenses of winding up.
  • Members are required to comply with the Company Constitution. To obtain a copy of the Constitution, please email:
  • A Member has the right to receive notices of, to attend and to be heard at any general meeting, and has the right to vote at any general meeting.
  • A Member’s membership ends at the close of the next AGM that is held in an odd numbered year, such as 2019, 2021, 2023. Members will be asked to reapply to renew their membership from the close of that year’s AGM. If a Member fails to apply to be readmitted to membership, the Member’s membership will end automatically.
  • A Member may resign from membership of the Company by giving written notice to the Secretary. The resignation of a Member is deemed to take effect from the date of receipt of the notice of resignation or such later date as is provided in the notice. The resignation does not limit the Member’s liability under the Constitution.

How to apply

To apply you can either complete the form below and submit online or download a PDF of the application form. The completed form can be sent via:

  • Post: Board Secretary, cohealth, 90 Maribyrnong Street, Footscray, VIC 3011
  • Email:

membership form

"*" indicates required fields

Eligibility criteria*
By the act of submitting this online form I declare that I understand and agree to comply with the cohealth Membership conditions and that I meet the eligibility criteria as indicated above.

About us

cohealth is a not-for-profit community health organisation. We provide essential health and support services in Melbourne’s CBD, inner-north and inner-west, and the east coast of Tasmania.

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