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cohealth welcomes recommendations to respect and recognise human rights of older Australians in aged care system

10th March 2021

cohealth applauds the landmark final report from the Royal Commission into Aged Care that recommends enshrining in legislation a rights-based system that guarantees older people universal access to the supports and services they need. As a provider of home-based supports cohealth welcomes the recommendation to clear the waiting list and provide home care packages to those who need them right now. 

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Ending homelessness requires a home plus health and social support

4th March 2021

cohealth has welcomed the recommendation from a Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness in Victoria to boost affordable, long-term housing, with the community health service reiterating that housing must be integrated with efforts to address the long-term impacts of homelessness on people’s physical, mental and social health.

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$4 per day increase to Jobseeker won't even cover a prescription

23rd February 2021

cohealth is deeply disappointed at the Federal Government's refusal to increase Jobseeker (formerly Newstart) payments by the $25 per day needed to lift people out of poverty, an increase that we, and thousands of other people and organisations, have been calling for. 

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‘Tough love’ denies that drug dependence is a health problem

23rd February 2021

On the eve of International Family Drug Support Day (24 February) with the theme 'Family Connection not Tough Love', an alliance of community organisations is speaking out against drug dependence stigma and pointing out the futility of ‘tough love’ approaches to drug use.

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Supporting the Ethiopian community to bounce-back from COVID

10th February 2021

A new cohealth program operating in Melbourne’s west is supporting the Ethiopian community by creating jobs, stimulating Ethiopian-owned businesses and delivering food to nearly 400 people in the Ethiopian community who have been impacted by the pandemic.  

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