Thunderstorm Asthma – know the risks and what to do

10th October 2017

Alerts have been released about pollen season and an increased risk of Thunderstorm Asthma over the coming days and weeks. It is important that people with asthma or hay fever are aware of the risks of thunderstorm asthma and know what to do to stay well this season. The Department...

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joint statement by 23 community health orgs supporting marriage equality

1st September 2017

cohealth has joined 22 metropolitan and regional community health organisations from across the length and breadth of Victoria have today and issued a joint statement in support of marriage equality. Victoria’s community health sector has a long history of supporting marginalised communities and advocating for change that will reduce health...

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adult public dental clients suffer due to federal cuts

31st July 2017

Cuts to funding by the federal government for public dental services for adults, will lead to longer waiting times and staff shortages in services like cohealth that provide high quality dental care for people who could not access it any other way.

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