the results from the 2017 client survey are in

Posted on 7th August 2018

From October to December last year we asked you to tell us how we were doing. The results of the 2017 Department of Human Services client survey, in which we heard from 391 clients, are in.

Overall, 94% rated the care at cohealth ‘very good’ or ‘good’.

In particular, we heard:

– Our reception staff are polite and helpful
– Our staff treat you with respect and dignity
– We take your concerns seriously
– We are compassionate

We know we can always improve. In particular, we are working on what you told us:

– So that you don’t have to repeat information
– You can make appointments easier
– We give you enough information in your own language

We are working on a number of improvements based on your feedback. We are also working with specific cohealth sites about what the results mean to them and have identified areas for improvement.

We will be embarking on the next client experience survey in October. Keep your eyes peeled!

The client experience survey is just one of a number of ways to get your feedback, learn and improve. If you have any questions about the survey for this year or other feedback options, please email the Quality team at

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