new co-designed postcard a hit

Posted on 4th September 2018

The new co-designed client feedback postcard, developed between the Quality Team and a client using the cohealth co-design principles, has been a big hit with clients at cohealth Niddrie.

Faced with the challenge of how to increase feedback from clients, cohealth client Anne – also a member of the Northern Community Advisory Group – worked with the cohealth Quality Team to develop a new client feedback postcard which she describes as ‘quick, easy to use and understand’.

Anne thought that there needed to be a simpler, more inviting and approachable way for clients to provide feedback. “I had been frustrated with the feedback methods in use, statistics were not giving an accurate picture, as only a limited sample of people were being captured” she said.

The postcard aims to capture feedback from a wider sample of the cohealth community and paint a more accurate picture of client satisfaction. The postcard has been trialled at Niddrie, with 200 postcards distributed to dental and allied health clients with great results: a 65% return rate and 95% satisfaction rate. The Quality Team are now considering how this approach may be used at other sites.

Here are a couple of stand-out comments from the feedback:

“A pleasant experience & professional care”

“All staff are lovely and very helpful. Thank you!”

“Excellent care and attention”

“The postcard may have been my idea, but there has been a whole team involved in putting this into place” said Anne. The project demonstrates how working with our clients can produce excellent outcomes.

If you would like to share feedback about your experience with any of our services, go to the feedback page.

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