co-designing better outcomes with south sudanese australians

Posted on 28th November 2018
South Sudanese community members

In recent years, the South Sudanese Australian community has experienced increasing scrutiny from media, politicians and the general public. In most instances this has been negative, often racist and divisive.

As part of a co-design project to build on community strengths, cohealth worked with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the South Sudanese Australian Community to understand the obstacles and opportunities faced by South Sudanese Australians, and design and test solutions.

The project aimed to increase understanding and partnership between providers and government and the South Sudanese Australian Community in western metropolitan Melbourne.

The team co-designed four initiatives to improve outcomes for the community, focused on supporting people and building resilience, so that when challenges arise people have the resources and strengths they need to negotiate a way through.

High Demand – Four unique service offerings leveraging community expertise to lift the whole community throughout life transitions

Talk With Me – Mending an intergenerational divide through conversations

Culture Curator – Leveraging community talent to promote a new, positive, strength based media message about the South Sudanese Australian community

Community Lab – A neutral community team that works with Government to improve connection to, and outcomes for, the South Sudanese Australian community.

The four initiatives have the support of community members and leaders. They now need resource partners to fund, start up, trial and deliver them.

Read the full report ‘Improving Outcomes with South Sudanese Australians’.

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This video highlights some of the insights and opportunities the co-design team learned along the way.

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