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Policy submissions

We create impact through a powerful combination of research and evaluation including advocacy and partnership with consumers, communities and other stakeholders.

cohealth’s policy stream develops both responsive and pro-active statements and strategies to represent and promote our position on key areas of policy and social debate.

Our policy function coordinates the development of submissions and other documents in response to relevant opportunities in the policy environment.

Indigenous Voice Proposal

31st March 2021

cohealth’s submission to the Indigenous Voice co-design process argues that a Voice to Parliament must be enshrined in the Australian Constitution to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples have a long lasting and durable body that is not vulnerable to changes in government priorities.

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Inquiry into the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Strengthening Income Support) Bill 2021

5th March 2021

This legislation increases JobSeeker Payment (and other payments) by $50 per fortnight – just $3.57 per day. cohealth’s submission to the Senate Community Affairs Legislation Committee reviewing the legislation argues that this increase is not enough to enable people to afford the essentials of life including a roof over their head, nutritious food and the cost of medications and health treatments. We recommend that the rate be increased to at least $65 per day.

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Gaming machines objection

2nd March 2021

An application has been made to the Victorian Commission for Gaming and Liquor Regulation to install 70 electronic gaming machines at the proposed Club Tarneit in Tarneit/Truganina. cohealth objected to the application, recognising the harm caused by gambling, particularly to those already experiencing disadvantage.

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Department of Health consultation on the Productivity Commission Report on Mental Health

10th February 2021

cohealth’s contribution to this consultation urges the Government to commit to all the Productivity Commission recommendations, rather than take a piecemeal approach. We recommend a focus on ensuring that people who experience disadvantage, have complex needs and/or serious mental illness receive the supports they need. We also highlight that the community health model provides an ideal platform for the provision of locally based integrated physical health, mental health and social support services.

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Inquiry into the Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

1st October 2020

cohealth’s submission to this inquiry by the Victorian Parliament’s Public Affairs and Estimates Committee highlights the impacts of COVID-19 on the communities we work with and the central role community health services have played in COVID-19 responses.

We identify key lessons, including the importance of engaging communities and enabling models of care that integrate primary health care, hospital care, social support and public health messaging, and that have local expertise and engagement with community health services.

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National Preventative Health Strategy consultation

28th September 2020

cohealth welcomes the development of this Strategy. We recommend strengthening it by more strongly articulating actions to address the social determinants of health, including racism and discrimination, climate change and poverty and inequality. We argue that working in partnerships with communities is essential for developing effective preventative health measures and needs greater emphasis in the Strategy.

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Victorian LGBTIQ Strategy

3rd August 2020

The Victorian Government is consulting about the development of a long term, whole of government LGBTIQ strategy. cohealth supports the development of the Strategy, and emphasises the need for: an intersectional lens to be used in all actions in the strategy; the need for trans, gender diverse and non-binary awareness raising campaigns; and increased investment in the peer workforce.

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Inquiry into issues facing diaspora communities in Australia

31st July 2020

cohealth’s submission to this Senate inquiry focusses on the significant impact racism and discrimination has on people’s health, wellbeing and community inclusion, such as employment, education and sense of belonging.

We recommend a concerted effort across all sectors of the Australian community to prevent and reduce racism and the harms it causes.

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Service Model for Adult Mental Health Centres

29th July 2020

The Federal Department of health is consulting on the Adult Mental Health Centres pilot across Australia. cohealth’s feedback emphasises the importance of including people with lived experience in all areas of the development, operation and review of the Centres. We recommend including a principle about how care and support is provided – recovery-oriented; trauma-informed; consumer focussed; goal directed; and human rights based.

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